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Multihulls is a foreign boat builder company, located in Slovenia and specialized in power catamarans designed by leading Australian Catamaran Designer Jeff Schionning. Having designed catamarans for the past 20 years, Schionning Designs has grown to become one of the World’s top multihull designers.

Our catamarans are built with cored composite construction techniques, using epoxy, vinylester or special polyester resin and stitched fabrics like biaxial/ quadraxial.

They can take rough seas because of narrow entrance and semi-displacement hull shape that does not need to step on plane to reach to a high speed.Whether goes 2knots or 20knots the hulls are parallel to the water and the angle of the boat to the water stays the same. Long slender hulls slice cleanly through the water like knife blades.

The big distance from the waterline up to the bridge deck is another special feature that prevents water slamming under the bridge deck and gives you a smooth ride feeling.

Semi-displacement hulls shape is very efficient at all speeds… resulting in reduced fuel consumption and the possibility of equipping the boat with small outboard engines.

The smooth transition through the speed range eliminates the "planing transition" while the hulls leave almost no wake, due to the vessel's remarkable efficiency. Four-stroke outboards deliver quiet and responsive power, with fingertip control from the hydraulic steering system.

Besides outboard or inboard motors, as well all our models can work with Electric or Hybrid Propulsion system. It means low fuel consumption, no vibration, no noise; obviously this will make the vessel much more profitable, green and efficient mainly for commercial use.

We have different female molds enable us to build 14 different models for various applications.
Our open commercial model 10m x 4.60m (perfect beam for the marina) working as tour boats has achieved a great success.

Two essential trends for all Industries and Individuals in today’s world; concern about energy efficiency and environmental protection. As the Power Multihull Boat Building Company keep looking towards the future, these core principles guide the nature and scale of our activities and inform the way we base our philosophy to achieve our goals.

Our goal is to supply to the market an efficient, economic, strong and eco-conscious boat that offers a pleasant easy cruise at a reasonable price.

Multihulls Slovenia
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